5. spring cleaning

Hello, Internet!

I’ve been on spring break this past week, and in my house that means spring cleaning. My room looked like a tornado blew through it before yesterday, and it feels really nice to see it all clean.

Of course, part of spring cleaning is also decluttering, which I am terrible at. I come from a long line of pack rats, and I realized I was holding onto stuff that was not only of no meaning to me anymore, some of it actually held bad memories. Why I kept all that stuff for so long is beyond me–every time I would see them, it would make me cringe and feel sad.  I’ve cleaned my room a ton of times since I got them, so why did I not get rid of them a long time ago? What’s even worse is that I still had trouble parting with them, for some really strange reason. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever know why.

I guess I just have to remember that it’s not worth hanging onto things that make you sad. Looking at that stuff was like re-living those memories all over again, but they weren’t good memories. I know I’m so much better off without all that clutter–depressing clutter, at that. I don’t need it weighing me down ❤

Thanks for reading.



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