6. french the llama

Hello, Internet!

I started studying French during my freshman year of high school. Being the nerd that I am, I found it quite enjoyable, and it came fairly easily to me. Unfortunately, however, my teacher didn’t cover enough content during my first two years of study, and it made things difficult when I changed schools my junior year. I actually ended up failing my first semester of French III because I had been so ill-prepared, and it totally killed any interest and confidence I had previously had in the language.

Recently, though, my older brother was trying to sing the French part of the Beatles’ song Michelle, and he couldn’t get the words right to save his life. He roped me into helping him, and for some reason it really made me want to give learning the language another go. Right now, the high school that I go to doesn’t offer French, so I have to wait until next semester, when I’ll be in college. In the meantime, however, I’ve been using an app called Duolingo (#notspon), and although it can’t necessarily replace studying in a classroom (at least for my learning style), it’s been really fun. I thought I’d kind of have to start back at square 1, since it’s been more than a year now since I’ve studied any French at all, but I was surprised to find that I actually knew more than I thought. It felt a lot like riding a bike (although I can’t ride one to save my life, clumsy as I am. I just like the expression). If anyone wants to find me on the site, my profile is here.

I don’t know what taking a French class again will be like, but I know right now that it feels really good to once again pursue something I enjoyed doing. It reminds me of a time when I was still completely naïve, and so sure of the future, and didn’t have a single cynical bone in my body. It also sort of feels like redemption for failing French III, in a way. I know it wasn’t totally my fault, but it’s still something I feel shame over. It’s nice to see that I am sometimes smarter than I think I am, and that I shouldn’t let failure stop me from getting back up and trying again.

Thanks for reading.


You are smarter, stronger, more capable than you think; don’t let failure stop you from getting back up and trying again. 


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