9. getting off my high horse

Hello, Internet!

I haven’t posted for a while, I know. I’ve been dealing with some not-so-great mental health stuff, and it’s the end of the semester when everything is due, and just…yeah. Anyway, enough about that. Today I would like to talk about two things I said I would never do, and why I did them anyway. 

Not too long ago, I said I would never listen to podcasts. They just weren’t for me, and I didn’t understand why someone would enjoy them. I was too much of a free spirit to have people telling me what to think for 30 minutes straight (spoiler alert: everyone is constantly telling people what to think all the time). Then, I was looking for something to do during a long bi-weekly car ride, and I could no longer say podcasts were completely unappealing. I get very antsy during long car rides (honestly, you’d think I’d be used to them by now), and I needed something that would distract me without making me carsick and without costing me any money. Before the next trip, I downloaded a couple of episodes of a show that sounded interesting and BY CURIOUS GEORGE, it worked! I was even *gasp* having fun! Now, I listen to podcasts quite often, even when I’m not in the car. Unfortunately, however, this hasn’t been great for my limited time-management skills, as this as also proven to be a new tool for procrastination. Who actually does homework anyway, though, right?

Another thing I said I would never do was use Instagram. I thought that since I hate posting selfies, I would never enjoy using it. Wrong! There are tons of different uses for Instagram and basically I needed to stop being so pretentious, get off my intellectual high horse, and just have some fun. Currently, I only have on photo posted, but more are coming, so you should definitely go follow me! My handle is @harmonyginger.

Was this a shameless plug for my Instagram? No, not really. I’ve just been realizing lately that high horses are no fun for anyone. You’re miserable up there, you’re making everyone else that’s not on the horse miserable, it’s just all around not a good time. Anyway, now that I’ve plugged those two accounts, might as well plug them all…

TWITTER: (it changed!) @harmony_ginger
INSTAGRAM: @harmonyginger
PINTEREST: (it changed!) @harmonyginger
TUMBLR: updownaroundandflick

These links are also available 24/7 in the sidebar, under where it says “Stalk me?”

(All of my handles except tumblr are now some variation of @harmonyginger because I played Harmony Ginger in a Harry Potter spoof called Mythical Creatures and How to Approach Them that my theater group recently performed. Also because Hermione Granger gives me life.)

Thanks for reading.



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