10. doing the thing

Hello, Internet!

I recently went to an amusement park with my friends for our “Graduation Celebration Day” trip, and it was so much fun! I went on the biggest roller coasters in the park, and liked them–something I never thought I’d say, since I’m terrified of them. One of the ones we went on was the kind where you’re hanging from the track and your legs are swinging free. I have to say that one certainly was the most intimidating.

I think maybe part of the reason why I’m so scared of roller coasters is because I find it hard to trust–at least, on some level–that the engineering behind them is sound and that I’m actually not going to go flying out of my seat at any given moment. Which I know is a completely irrational fear; there’s a lot of money going into these parks, and they’re going to make sure that it’s all designed correctly and operating safely.

Anyway, I faced my (irrational) fears and actually went on all the rides my friends did. And, I don’t know, maybe it’s stupid, but it reminded me of how I’ve had to face my fears a lot lately: fears about graduating, about growing up, final projects and papers, stage fright, and just change in general. I’ve sort of had to push those aside and just do the things, because life just goes on and I can’t make it stop when I can’t deal.


Thanks for reading.



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