11. at world’s end

a 2 am brain dump What happens when our generation gets...old? When our Nikes and Vans become grandma shoes, and there's a new generation of young people with their own trends lined up to take our places? Sure, that might be inevitable, but forgive me if I have some hesitations. I certainly don't want to … Continue reading 11. at world’s end


8. swearing (privately)

Hello, Internet! I recently saw a youtube video from Beckie Jane Brown about why she doesn't swear or curse, and it made me think about my own interactions with these four-letter words.  NOTE! This was never intended to mock or shame someone for their swearing habits or lack thereof. Everyone has their completely valid reasons, and I … Continue reading 8. swearing (privately)

7. i said nothing

Hello, Internet! Once, I was with my older brother and a couple of his friends. One of them was talking about this girl that he had an on/off relationship with. Apparently, it was one of those "off" times, and he went on and on about how she was "so annoying", one of those "tumblr girls" … Continue reading 7. i said nothing


6. french the llama

Hello, Internet! I started studying French during my freshman year of high school. Being the nerd that I am, I found it quite enjoyable, and it came fairly easily to me. Unfortunately, however, my teacher didn't cover enough content during my first two years of study, and it made things difficult when I changed schools my … Continue reading 6. french the llama


5. spring cleaning

Hello, Internet! I've been on spring break this past week, and in my house that means spring cleaning. My room looked like a tornado blew through it before yesterday, and it feels really nice to see it all clean. Of course, part of spring cleaning is also decluttering, which I am terrible at. I come from … Continue reading 5. spring cleaning